For those of us on the east coast of the country, Hurricane Michael continues to dominate daily thoughts.

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TL;DR The Government of Canada has officially issued a travel advisory in regards to Hurricane Michael. The advisory reccomends Canadians put off any travel to the Gulf Coast of the U.S. while the hurricane moves upwards to the Maritimes.

The hurricane has already swept through Central America as well as Florida, Alabama, and Georgia, leaving devastation in its wake.

As the weekend approaches, Canada's Maritimes and surrounding provinces are more at risk of experiencing the hurricane first-hand.

Via Environment Canada

If you weren't already terrified of this massive storm hitting Canada, you definitely will be now.

An immediate travel advisory has just been issued by The Government of Canada in regards to the hurricane. Needless to say, right now is probably the worst time to be travelling anywhere near the hurricane's path.

The warning instructs Canadians to avoid all travel to the Gulf Coast of the United States. As mandatory evacuations are already in effect south of the border, there really isn't any reason to travel there right now anyway.

The warning also advises anyone travelling to sign up for the "Registration of Canadians Abroad" service, which will allow the Government of Canada to reach any Canadians in endangered by hurricane Michael.

Seriously, with the hurricane already the cause for eleven deaths in the United States, you're going to want to stay as far away from its path as possible.

The "life-threatening" storm is said to make its official introduction in the Maritimes today or over the weekend, Canadians should expect heavy winds and insane rainstorms for the next few days.

Stay tuned for more hurricane updates.

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