No doubt many (if not all) of you have already experienced that classic winter omfg-moment where you get your Hydro-Québec bill, and you're taken aback by how damn expensive it is. Well, things aren't going to get any better, as Hydro-Québec has announced that prices for all customers are going to increase.

Starting on April 1st, Hydro-Québec will be increasing its rates by 0.7%, reports Le Devoir. The reasoning for the price hike is the cold weather from the last two winters, explained the Régie de l’énergie.

The L’Union des consommateurs countered that statement, explaining how Hydro-Québec users should actually have seen a lowering in prices by 1.2%.

According to Le Devoir, since 2013 Hydro-Québec prices have jumped up by 11%.

But hey, as awful as paying more is, at least they didn't drop this price hike in December.

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