By now most of us are familiar with the 19-year old Toronto woman, Marcella Zoia, who was seen earlier this week in a video posted to Instagram throwing a wood patio chair onto the busy Gardiner Expressway from a high-rise balcony.

Police were immediately on the hunt for Zoia, who later turned herself in. Since then she has had a bail hearing and now faces the risk of going to trial. What may be shocking for some to hear is that if convicted, Toronto's "chair girl" could potentially face a maximum sentence of life in prison for a charge of "mischief endangering life." This is the most serious charge she faces due to her illegal stunt.

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TL;DR Marcella Zoia, also known as Toronto's "chair girl" could face life imprisonment for her most serious charge, mischief endangering life. Zoia's lack of remorse for her actions could lead to harsher sentencing in court during her trial on March 22, 2019. More details below.

Greg Leslie, Zoia's lawyer, is currently in discussion with the Crown's office over the potential of the case going to trial. Despite the viral video which proves Zoia did commit the act, there is still a presumption of innocence. 

Leslie has argued that the 19-year old was "peer pressured" into throwing a chair off of the balcony. According to criminal defence lawyers, that isn't a valid legal defence and wouldn't aid her in court when it came to whether or not she is guilty.

The information could assist in minimizing the sentence, but many other factors also contribute to the overall decision. For example, the Crown will be looking for "remorseful" behaviour displayed by Zoia.

Since she has already been seen smiling after her bail hearing, it may be used against her in court to give her a harsher sentence. The most shocking sentence that she could face is life imprisonment, which is unlikely but possible due to the most serious charge against her: "mischief endangering life."

Defence lawyers agree that Zoia's safest move is to apologize to the court and admit her mistakes. The court will be ensuring she is genuine in her apology, which may be complicated as she has now displayed little to no remorse or regret for her actions.

Marcella Zoia has not yet made a plea, but she is expected in court on March 22, 2019.

Stay tuned for updates and breaking news on Toronto's "chair girl."


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