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The National Post's Jonathon Kay foresees a likely situation if Pauline Marois and the PQ gain a majority government in this provincial election. Kay firmly believes Marois will hold a third sovereignty referendum for Quebec independence from Canada.

After running down a list of reasons why Quebec seceding wouldn't be SO bad for Canada (Quebec's declining economy, Charter of Values, language laws), Kay does point out one very interesting argument:

"if Canada is divisible, so is Quebec."

Several million Quebec residents don't support the idea of Quebec independence, and the voting standard used to justify the "overall" approval of the province doesn't include the opposition of specific areas, notably Montreal.

Kay suggests, that if even 60% of Montrealers vote to keep things as they are, then Ottawa should fight to make Montreal a part of Canada, totally removed from Quebec's laws and influence.

Taking it to a slightly extreme end, Kay argues that it is the obligation of the Canadian government to fight for the rights of its citizens, and if a majority of Montrealers and other Quebec residents do not wish to secede, action must be taken to respect their basic rights.

Kay takes a very negative stance on the Quebec provincial government, but he does bring up a very interesting solution for those opposed to Quebec seceding. Maybe Montreal would  prosper if entirely removed from the Quebec government's influence.

Should Montreal become a part of Canada if Quebec secedes?

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