Jocelyn Létourneau's "Je Me Souviens" is a book that explores the knowledge surrounding Quebec's history. In her book, the author attempts to discover the historical awareness of the future generation.

The author asks various high school, cegep and university students around the province: "If you had to sum up Québec’s historical journey in a single sentence or phrase, what would you say?" Here are some of our favorite answers, as cited in "Je Me Souviens: Le passé du Québec dans la conscience de sa jeunesse":

You can now visit the book's blog and submit your own answer HERE.

  • Nothing without Montreal.

  • Cheese curds + Gravy + French Fries = Fatty goodness ?

  • Gros payeur de taxe.

  • Je ne me souviens pas.

  • Go Habs Go, soyez fiers des Canadiens et Québécois.

  • S’il n’y avait pas d’histoire, nous ne serions pas là.

  • Anglos go home – Quebec moto.

  • French + English + Native American = Quebec.

  • Quebec history is one of the great culture and one of the oldest ones in Canada.

  • Pepsi is more popular than Coke.

  • Cool story.

What would you say about Quebec's history in one line?

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