This morning the OQLF is in the news because people are demanding that they crack down on English-Only websites.

But that got me thinking, what are the OQLF's rules for websites and social media?

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After all, most of their rules were made before social media became a thing, so they can't possibly be very strict.

But I was wrong, very wrong. Here's what they have to say on subject.

Bien que la Charte ait été adoptée avant l’arrivée des médias sociaux, ceux-ci doivent en respecter les dispositions, de la même façon que les sites Web, même si aucune mention n’en est faite dans le texte de loi.

So basically, all their existing rules apply to social media, even though the word "social media" doesn't appear anywhere in the actual law. But remember, these aren't laws the can enforced, they just want to incite people to adopt these rules for themselves.

Still, it didn't stop them from trying to force a Quebec business to translate their Facebook page 2 years ago.

But that doesn't matter, if you own a business in Montreal and it's on social media, then those social media pages need to be in created as French pages. If you want to post content in English, you have to create and entirely separate page.

I'm not sure that the OQLF knows how followers work. As if you can just create a second Facebook page and have all your followers magically follow you there.

And if you're using social media on a work computer, it better be the french version:

Oh and they also need you to use the proper social media terms.

So don't you dare say use the word "pin" when you're talking about Pinterest. The word you have to use is "epinglette".

Can we still say "pinterest" or do we have to say "epingletterest"?

And forget about the word tweet. From now on you "gazouille" and a re-tweet is "regazouiller."

You can read all about their super awesomely fun rules right here.

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