No one needs to remind you of the natural beauty that comes to Montreal with the fall season. We've shown you pictures and you've seen it for yourself just walking outside, but you haven't realized the full scope of the city's seasonal beauty until you've seen the video below, which captures all of Montreal's alluring autumnal features, and not just the foliage.

Created by Romain Rabasa of Epic Productions, the video below is simply titled "Autumn in Montreal" which pretty much sums up the content of the video. The method in which the short film was captured is what sets it apart from other Montreal-centric videos, with a seamless gliding camera capturing all the scenes making for a visual tour of makes it seem like you're flying through the city.

Another notable difference to this fall-centric video is that the film doesn't simply focus on the natural changes of the season, but also documents the urban and social differences. The low-flying camera goes everywhere in the city, filming many bustling urban centers, giving you a full scope of the city, and not just pretty trees.

Check out Autumn in Montreal by Romain Rabasa below.

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