Igloofest has become one of the most beloved winter traditions here in Montreal.

So if you're a fan of the outdoor music festival, you definitely won't want to miss it this year.

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That's because this year, in honor of Montreal's 375th, Igloofest will be bigger and better than ever.

Right off the bat, this year's celebration will last 6 whole weeks! that's 2 weeks longer than usual!

Additionally, Igloofest has lined up a ton of FREE special activities including:

A Nordik Village:

It's an interactive circuit of temporary winter dwelling. That means Igloofest will actually have Igloos!

A Nordik Chute:

Tobogganing tracks will be get up nearby so you can race your friends, just like at the Montreal winter carnivals from 100 years ago.

The Nordik Games:

It's the city's first-ever crazy competitions tournament including the: 'Who can dig a car out of a snowbank the fastest' contest.


In case you miss the start of the fest, don't be sad, the last 2 weekends (February 11 and 18) are completely free!

Get ready for the greatest Igloofest of all time!

Check out their website for more info.

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