Toronto is reeling after an unusually violent 24 hours. Within a single day, Toronto police have launched investigations into a highly publicized shooting, series of stabbings, and, now, bomb threats delivered to 4 schools and campuses in the city.

Yesterday, as millions of people crowded into the Toronto downtown to attend the Raptors championship parade, a shooting in Nathan Phillip's Square left 4 people with "serious" but non life-threatening injuries.

The sound of gunfire led to a stampede of panicked individuals from the public space in front of city hall. Toronto Police have since arrested 3 individuals and confiscated 3 firearms. Investigators are appealing to the public for video evidence of the incident.

Later that evening, police responded to 2 unrelated stabbings in front of the Toronto Eaton Centre, according to Global News. 3 men were reportedly stabbed after a "fight with a group of men," the police stated in a Tweet.

Another man sustained "serious" injuries after another stabbing outside the Eaton Centre.

Today, police are investigating after bomb threats were delivered to 4 schools and 10 campuses in the city. All threats are "similar in nature," according to a Tweet. Some campuses have been evacuated as a precaution.

These crimes have received such widespread media attention because the national focus has been tuned to Toronto in the aftermath of the Raptors' NBA championship victory.

But the frequency and intensity of these incidents are of course alarming. 

Stay tuned for more news out of Toronto.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that 14 bomb threats were delivered today. In fact, there were 4 bomb threats involving 4 schools and 10 campuses. The article has been updated.


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