Us youngins' today will never be able to live the magic that was Montreal during Expo '67. We've no doubt idealized this moment in Montreal history more than it may deserve, but it'd still be awesome to experience.  Time travel is a ways away, but thankfully, British Pathé has posted a video that is the next best thing.

A narrated tour of Expo '67, the video offers an audio-visual exploration on the fairgrounds, as well as a look into the world's perception of Montreal at the time. You'll get to see Montreal during its economic heyday, see snippets of lasting institutions (like an old-school La Presse paper) and, best of all, actually see inside some of the Expo's exhibition.

Tying the whole video together is the English narrator, who is hilariously awesome. If nothing else, you'll enjoy his phrasing. Now without further ado, walk into Expo '67, the greatest show on Earth!

Kudos to the Reddit thread where the video's link was originally shared.

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