Taking road safety seriously is an important factor in preventing and avoiding future road accidents. Awareness is the first step to prevention. 

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Sometimes though, we come across some accidents that are a little ridiculous. Meaning, we have no clue how this could have happened and looks like it could have been easily avoided with a little common sense and awareness.

For example, this truck slamming into an overpass in Quebec, or these two cars that somehow ended up neatly piled on top of each other right here in the center of Montreal.  It a common reaction to see people scratch their  heads and ask "how the F did this happen?"

Well, another surprising accident on the streets of Manitoba unfolded yesterday and here is the footage. A truck driver - who seems to be completely spaced out - plows over a motorcycle in the middle of an intersection.

Considering the low speed, the motorcycle driver walked away relatively unharmed, but this could have most definitely been fatal if both vehicles were moving at higher speeds. 

After seeing all these accidents happen it's important to ask ourselves what can be done to prevent these incidents from occurring in the future.


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