Close to 50,000 crimes are registered in Montreal each year.  That a high volume of crimes and consists of everything from petty vandalism to more violent and deadly crimes across the city.

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Visualizing crimes on a map can be a difficult task but this map created by CBC news does the job nicely. Why?  Because instead of showing you crime by street corner or borough, they intelligently split the Montreal map up into equal hexagons, which they call hexigrids.

Via newsinteractives

The result, a well-rounded aggregate, yet detailed visual picture all crimes in Montreal since 2015. In order to protect victims, the exact locations of the incidents are concealed.

What can we learn from all this? In a few words, Montreal is, on the whole, a very safe place. Phew. Among Canada's largest urban centers Montreal boasts one of the lowest crime rates. Maybe it's all that cheap rent and food.

When crime doesn't happen, however - it's mostly non-violent. for example, petty thefts and vandalisms. The city gets safer every year, crime rates have dropped 50% since 1998.

We can also see an interesting breakdown of the cyclical patterns of certain crimes. It seems as though the nature of the crime can be easily predicted based on time.

Via newsinteractives

Although this may be alarming, remember that Montreal is generally a very safe place, and if you exercise common sense and avoid objective danger, even the most "dangerous" cities in the world can be safe.


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