The problem with fall in Canada is that we're half-expecting winter to barge in at any moment. We've been fooled by the seasons before, one day enjoying weather in light jackets and the next being forced to spend the day shovelling snow. 

Needless to say, Canada has some pretty big trust issues with the weather.

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Yes, this summer was unimaginably hot and the temperatures outside are still warm, but us Canadians want to be prepared for when the next brutal winter decides to hit. 

Unfortunately, we weren't expecting it today.

One reddit user posted a photo of their frosted view outside this morning, the front lawn covered in what looks like a bunch of powdered sugar. But the truth is out, Canada is already seeing little bits of winter, before it's even officially fall!

See for yourself...

Via WashamashiN | Reddit

Fellow Canadians grew into a panic, even becoming afraid to look out their own windows by the chance they may see little snowflakes beginning to fall. One redditor even joked by saying the snow should only last until next June. 

The photo was taken in Alberta, which was expected to see sheets of white along with British Columbia after a snowfall warning from Environment Canada earlier this week. 

Although the two provinces will be experiencing a white Christmas three months ahead of schedule, Quebec on the other hand will be revisiting hot temperatures later in the week.

Seriously, is it too selfish to ask for typical fall weather?! Canada really can't make up its mind on whether it wants to be hot or cold.

Fingers-crossed Canadians will be able to experience (eventually) a true autumn before winter officially hits us.




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