The only thing worse than a ton of snow... is when a ton of snow melts and then freezes again.

And that's exactly what we can expect later this week when the temperature goes up to 4°C on Thursday... and then drops back below zero over night.

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TL;DR Temperatures are expected to rise as high as 4°C on Thursday, which is likely going to turn Montreal into one big block of ice as the temp drops back down to -10°C overnight.

Via Environment Canada

Allllll the snow we've seen in the past couple days is bound to disappear on Thursday, as per Environment Canada.

While it's currently -13°C, it can be hard to remember joyous above-zero temperatures - but they do exist!

And we can expect to get above zero on Thursday, where we'll get to experience the less-than-joyous side effect of a warm day in the middle of winter.

A mix of rain and snow. Worst.

Though the absolute worst part is guaranteed to be the following day.

Overnight on Thursday, the temperature is slated to drop down to -10°C again, with a chance of flurries.

That means Friday is going to be a straight-up disaster when it comes to getting to work or driving around anywhere.

All that melted snow paired with the mix of snow and rain is going to freeze right up and turn this city into an ice rink. 

As if we needed help in that department to begin with.

While I'm secretly stoked about a break in the cold, I do not look forward to moving around the city on Friday.

I also feel so bad and worried for those people who struggle to get around the city with the snow as it is. 

So if you've got a friend or family member - or you just see someone struggling to get across the street - offer an elbow as you cross the street, or a hand getting off the bus. 

We're all in this together, after all.

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