If you've been in Montreal this summer then you definitely know about the uncontrollable heatwaves that swept through the city. This wasn't just "summer weather", people were actually dying because it was so hot. Stores were cleared out of their air conditioners and people were hiding inside for days on end.

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Yes, it sounds like this summer was truly a living nightmare when it comes to it's weather. Even the past week of September has experienced some sweaty days, so the question on all our minds is when will we finally be able to put on a sweater, buy a PSL and enjoy the chilly weather that autumn offers?

Well, we'll actually be able to experience some true fall temperatures this weekend.

This weekend is the perfect opportunity to start your fall bucket list. Go apple picking, enjoy the fall foliage and wear as many sweaters as your heart desires! It's the first time in months we'll actually be able to say Montreal is getting some cold days.


Saturday will greet us with a high of 19°C, this wasn't a temperature we were at all familiar with the last three months so it will definitely be a treat. The low for the day is 7°C meaning if you're outside you might actually feel a little cold! This is no joke people!

Via weather.gc.ca

As for Sunday, the theme of fall continues with a high of 20°C and a low of 11°C. It is going to be the best feeling for Montrealers when they finally get to switch off their exhausted air conditioners. 

But, are the temperatures going to stay this beautiful as the month continues? It's likely we will see some pretty chilly days ahead, but next week is supposed to get warm again. Perhaps this weekend is just a special gift from Mother Nature, so you may want to make the most of it in case we don't see these gorgeous temperatures again for another month.


Have fun this weekend, Montreal!




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