Quebec saw some crazy weather phenomena yesterday.

Extreme heat and high humidity early in the day quickly gave way to a bout of severe thunderstorms that caused damage across the province.

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Environment Canada issued alerts for both heat and storms. Those conditions also created potential for a tornado in some part of the province.

Tornadoes are so rare here that few headed that alert.

Well, today a spokesperson for Environment Canada confirmed to Global News that a tornado did, indeed, form in the province (not pictured).

A funnel officially becomes a tornado when it hits the ground. Such was the case in the town of Saint-Julien where, according to Global News, at least one home was completely destroyed.

Luckily, no one was injured.

But the storm did damage other homes and uproot trees.

The incident just goes to show that Quebec, despite its geographic distance from storm-prone areas in North America, is still subject to some extreme weather.

Fortunately, mild temperatures in the months to come may mean Quebec residents can expect calm weather at least in the near future.

That's good news for those who despise cold temperatures. But, of course, as global warming persists, more extreme weather is inevitable, even in Quebec.



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