Canada loves festivals.

In fact,we have a festival for pretty much everything.

Arts, Fireworks, Comedy, Cultural, Dance, Film, Food, Fringe, Literary, Burlesque, Horror and of course Music festivals to name a few.

But there's a brand new festival in town.

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This one is entirely dedicated to Marijuana.

The Confederation Festival is meant to bring attention to the benefits of medical marijuana so that users will not be stigmatized or forced to be secretive about their consumption.

The festival takes place on Saturday October 8 at the Creakside Cottages in Stanley Bridge on Prince Edward Island.

There will be something everyone (except for the kids):

  • Information sessions
  • Cannabis cooking demonstrations
  • Tips on how to grow your own marijuana
  • Human archery
  • Laser tag (It's going to be legen-wait for it...)
  • Inflatable soccer
  • And of course, food trucks, lots of food trucks.

Check out the Facebook event for more information.

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