If you've felt like phone prices and your monthly mobile phone bill is ridiculously expensive in Canada, you wouldn't be wrong. In fact, you're probably underestimating how pricey it is to own a phone in the country. A recent study has confirmed that Canadians pay more for their phone bills than anywhere else in the world.

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TL;DR A study by the analytics company Tefficient discovered that Canadians pay up to 70 times more per month on phone bills than 30 other countries in the world. Per GB and per SIM card Canada's service providers make more revenue, while mobile usage in the country is below average. More details below.

Yes, Canada's wireless providers make way more money off of their customers compared to 30 other countries that were a part of the study. The report, which was conducted by the analytic firm Tefficient, collected information from mobile data across 39 developing and industrialized countries.

The results were pretty clear: when it comes to total revenue measured per gigabyte and per SIM, Canada is leading in charging it's customer the most money.

Since Canada is clearly making the most money off of phone bills, you're probably wondering who makes the least? Which country is actually offering fair prices to its citizens?

Well, that would be Finland.

Finnish phone users rack up around 14GB per month, yet service providers only charge on average $1.51 per GB. On the other end of the spectrum, Canadians only use an average of 2GB per month and are charged $40/per GB.

Overall, Canadian revenue on phone bills is 70 times higher than in India and 23 times higher than Finland. Ironically enough, the study also found that mobile usage by Canadians is much lower than average.

So next time you receive overage charges in data or reach your GB limit, just remember the rest of the world is paying way less.


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