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Don't get your hopes too high, because while major league baseball is coming to Montreal next year, it ain't the Expos, but it's better than nothing. Returning for a new set of exhibition games, the Toronto Blue Jays will be playing two games in Montreal next spring and bringing baseball back to the city once more.

The Cincinnati Reds are the rumoured opponents of the Jays for the spring 2015 games, as reported by Montreal sports journalist Jeremy Filosa, but other sources say its still just speculation and nothing has been confirmed. Al still agree that the Jays will be playing, so don't fret this is just another tale spun by the rumour mill.

Last March, when the Jays played the Mets, 96,350 people filled the seats at the Big O, a larger attendance than anyone saw coming. MLB organizers would be silly to pass up a chance for another event with similar numbers, so it comes as no surprise another bout of baseball is coming to Montreal.

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