At this stage in the game, I think it's pretty safe to say that we all know how awesome Montreal's higher education scene truly is. We've got major universities right here in the city, an amazing student culture, and fantastic opportunities for those of us looking to get a little more educated.

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Although we know just how truly awesome the schools in Montreal are, it honestly always feels really good when other people acknowledge it, too.

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Which is exactly what the Academic Ranking Of World Universities has done.

Montreal's own McGill University has scored #3 best university in the whole country, according to the ranking. Université de Montréal also made the Top 10, coming in at #6. University of Toronto took the top spot:

1. University of Toronto

2. University of British Columbia

3. McGill University

4. McMaster University

5. University of Alberta

6. University of Montreal

7. Laval University

8. Queens University

9. University of Calgary

10. University of Ottawa

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So, future and current McGillians, a huge congratulations on getting into one of the top Canadian universities. And for those of us who won't be attending McGill or UdeM... well, no worries, all of Montreal's universities are awesome anyway. Rejoice, and live your best higher education life.

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