Hundreds of thousands of workers across Quebec are getting some good news this morning.  According to Journal de Montreal, on May 1st 2019 minimum wage in Quebec will be increasing to $12.50 an hour.

The 50 cent jump is actually higher than the rate of inflation and minimum wage workers will be making about $500 more this year.

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The jump is actually much higher than what was expected.

Last year the minimum wage went up by 75 cents and according to the Liberal government, this year we were only supposed to get 10 cents more per hour. 

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Not only that, but by 2020 the minimum wage was only supposed to be increased to $12,45 per hour so we're actually way ahead of schedule. 

The reason for this increase was to help reduce the gap between hourly and salary workers. Minimum wage is now exactly half of what the average salary worker makes which is $25

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