As you might recall, this year Quebec's minimum wage for hourly pay was set to rise. 

Reports and confirmations about the rise in hourly work wages started rolling around back in January.

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Well, for workers in that pay bracket, this wage hike officially starts tomorrow, May 1!

Quebec's minimum wage will officially be set at $12/hour.

The Ministry of Labour notes that the .75 cent increase will benefit about 353K workers in Quebec, who are mostly women. I guess women are still the minimum wage leaders in Quebec's workforce? Another problem absolutely needing to be addressed. 

However, even with the minimum wage hike, Quebec still remains behind other Canadian provinces. 

Ontario, for example, is sitting at $14/hour, which will hit $15/hour at the top of 2019. Alberta will be enjoying a $15 minimum wage beginning in October 2018.

Workers unions are applauding the efforts in Quebec, but still, call the increase "insufficient." They continue to strive and push forward for a $15 minimum wage in Quebec - hopefully, this won't take too long!

Employers' organizations in our fine province of Quebec believe that the mere .75 cent increase will cause job losses and reductions in work hours across the province. 

The Research and Socio-economic Information released a study recently that estimates the impact of $15/hour, and how it would outweigh possible job losses. In fact, they project the positive impact will be 10x greater than the negative side of the coin.

Regardless, as of May 1st, Quebec is moving a little closer to a higher wage for all workers, even if it is less than a dollar. 

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