Yesterday was an historic moment for Montreal, casting off the shackles of being a simple "city" and becoming a true "metropolis" 

Passed unanimously by the National Assembly, Montreal now has more self-governing powers and can act independently without needing the provincial government’s permission, reports CTV

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Called Bill 121, “An Act to increase the autonomy and powers of Ville de Montréal, the metropolis of Québec,” the new power-status will allow Montreal to make decisions on housing, construction, and event how late bars are open. 

For instance, now that Montreal is a “metropolis,” municipal officials can help local businesses owners who may lose business due to road construction. Montreal can now lower taxes as well as subsidize costs for such businesses. 

Montreal will also be better equipped to take action on homelessness and housing through these new powers. 

But perhaps most exciting is the fact that the new bill allows Montreal to control alcohol sales. 

Now Montreal can officially start having 6am bars, as was the plan a while back until the provincial government put a kibosh on the plan. 

When asked whether or not Montreal will actually go forward with 6am bars, mayor Denis Coderre responded with a “You bet.” 

Coderre went on that the original pilot project that was cancelled by the Quebec government will find new life in Montreal the metropolis. Further details or specifics were not given. 

Montreal becoming a metropolis is over about a year-and-a-half in the making. A proposal to grant Montreal more governing powers was made way back in February 2016. Politics moves pretty slowly, of course, but we’re glad this finally happened. 

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