The upcoming FIFA World Cup is set to happen in 2026 and hosting it would be an amazing opportunity for any city in the world. Being on the global radar does wonders for a city's tourism and popularity. And I don't just mean during the actual sporting event.

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Once you've been the host city for an international sporting event like this one, people remember the name of your city forever.

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Lucky for us, Montreal is now officially on the shortlist of cities in line to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup as announced by Heritage minister Melanie Joy.

Currently, Canada, the United States, and Mexico are biding together against Morocco for the chance. The decision as to who will actually host is said to be released only in 2020. That's a long time to wait! Until then, we just have to wait for FIFA to make a decision.

There are currently 23 cities still on the list, and they have to narrow that down to 16. Only 3 of them are in Canada: Toronto, Montreal, and Edmonton. So, it would make sense that at least one of us is represented.

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