Montreal has a lot of pretty cool claims to fame. 

We are the Best Place In The World To Visit In 2017, the Food Destination In The World, and the Best Student City In The World

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But now it seems like we've also earned the title of The Funniest City in the World, and here's why.

First of all, Montreal hosts Just For Laughs, which is the largest comedy festival in the world. And on the top corner of their website, you can see this little quote:

There are rankings for "most fun" and "funniest names", but since no other city has ever bothered to claim this title "funniest city in the world". so we're making official, right here right now. 

And when you think about it, there are many other reasons why Montreal is funny:

  • We're an Island but our Beaches suck
  • We host the Canadian Grand-Prix, but we have the worst roads in Canada
  • We brag about being gourmets but we juts eat poutine and junk food all day
  • We never stop complaining about the weather in the winter and when summer finally comes along we keep right on complaining. 

What do think is the funniest part of Montreal?

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