There are a few iconic landmarks in Montreal that are part of the city's identity. There's the Olympic Stadium, the Farine Five Roses sign, and of course, the legendary Molson Brewery. 

The brewery has been located on Notre-Dame street for 200 year now. It was founded in Montreal in 1786, making it the oldest brewery in North America. but sadly it looks like the brewery will be moving.

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Molson has been planning this for awhile, but they were debating whether to renovate the current facility, to build a new facility on the same property, or to move away. 

Sadly, the third option was chosen so the Molson brewery will move to a new facility where production and distribution could be housed under the same roof. 

But don't worry, The brewery says they will remain on the Island of Montreal, and although an exact location has no yet been announced, the various heritage buildings from the brewery's original site will be preserved by Molson. 


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