Photo cred - Bernard Bujold

The mayor of Montreal is not pleased by the federal government's announcement that there will be a toll on the newly constructed Champlain Bridge.

Actually, Coderre wasn't just a little irked, he was straight up pissed off.

And for good reason. Coderre noted how the federal government is just "doing whatever they want" and only adding to the existing tensions between Ottawa and Quebec, which isn't the best thing to do days before the provincial elections.

CJAD was on the scene, and managed to get a small soundbite of the Montreal's mayor vehemently opposing the notion of a toll. Coderre reinforced his rage by repeatedly banging on the podium, so you know he's serious.

Listen below, from 0:19-0:26 for a small sample of angry Coderre, but feel free to listen to Dan Delmar's full synopsis, including Francois Legault's position on the toll.

The mayor's strong emotional reaction stems not only from the federal government's lack of communication, inclusion, and poor timing, but also for the major traffic issues a toll would cause.

Do you agree with Coderre's reaction?

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