A little while back, we wrote about Projet Montreal's plans to reduce traffic on Saint-Catherine Street in the downtown core. 

The intention was to reduce the street traffic to one lane and widen the pedestrian areas, making Saint-Catherine St. more friendly for those of us who roam around on foot. 

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Well, this is no longer just an idea and desire for Plante and Projet Montreal, as of today, it is officially happening. 

Saint-Catherine Street will be redeveloped between De Bleury and Mansfield streets, reducing the driving lanes down to one for cars. 

There will be no more parking, and there will be one lane dedicated solely to delivery trucks - seeing as this is the most congested retail area in the city, that makes sense. 

The remaining one lane for vehicles will be 3.5 meters wide. 

Radio-Canada reports that around 140 parking spaces will be removed entirely from this section, and the delivery lane will be on the right side of the street.

Valérie Plante and Luc Ferrandez, the head of major parks to the executive committee of the City of Montreal, shared their vision of an "international" style city center with a dozen downtown business representatives yesterday (April 25), and they are moving forward with this "vision."

This afternoon, there will be a presentation of the new concept of Saint-Catherine's redevelopment shown to media, which will also see Plante sharing her "vision of downtown transformation."

Apparently, McGill College Avenue will be completely pedestrianized and Phillips Square will be redeveloped to provide more space for pedestrians and more greenery, among others. 

A series of infrastructure and beautification works began last January and will continue for four years - which is just lovely, isn't it? 

Looks like the Saint-Catherine street construction isn't going away any time soon - hopefully, it will all be for something worth-while. 

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