It just never ends. One day the news is good and the next it's bad.

We really need to make up our minds already.

So "pit bull madness" is still very much a hot topic in this city since we keep getting bombarded with terrible news. Then the next we get teased by rays of hope, only to be crushed once again 24 hours later.

Yesterday, Quebec announced that they will NOT be banning pit bulls after all so it seemed like politicians would finally be coming to their senses.

But this morning, the city of Longueuil voted to adopt a pit bull ban.

They also voted to implement several new restriction for pit bulls and for large dogs over 20 kg.

Are there going to be cops walking around with scales to weigh dogs just to make sure they're not over 20 kg?

The pit bulls already living in Longueuil will be allowed to stay, however no new pits or cross-breeds will be allowed to be adopted by the residents.

Not only that, they will be required to take an obedience course (which the owner has to pay for) and they will need medical certification to prove the dog isn't dangerous.

But that's still not all!

Owners will also need to prove their dog has been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. And kids under 18 are no longer allowed to walk pit-bulls in public and all dogs over 20 kg must have a harness and a muzzle in public.

Overkill much?

The new laws go into effect on July 15.

So, to recap here are all the new regulations:

  • No new pit bulls.
  • No new pit bull cross breeds.
  • All pit bulls must graduate from obedience school.
  • All pit bulls need medical certification to prove they aren't dangerous.
  • All pit bulls and dogs over 20kg must be neutered.
  • All pit bulls and dogs over 20kg must be vaccinated.
  • All pit bulls and dogs over 20kg must be micro-chipped.
  • All pit bulls and dogs over 20kg must wear a muzzle in public.
  • Pit bulls must be walked by an adult over the age of 18.

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