Everyone knows how Quebec loves their weed. And I'm sure we all wish that it was free, or at least cheap. But did you know that we are actually paying the least amount of money in all of Canada?

I guess we should stop complaining because, like our educational system, we are definitely lucky when compared to the rest of Canada. 

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Using the StatsCannabis crowdsourcing application, Statistics Canada found out how much Canadians pay per gram for their weed. Most of the people who answered the survey use their weed daily for recreational purposes and buy high-quality weed.

From Jan. 25 and Feb. 28, 2018, they surveyed 17,139 people and they've proved that Quebec actually pays less than any other province in the country per gram.

Via Statistics Canada

In Quebec, the average price per gram is $5.89, while the national average is $6.83 per gram. That's almost a full dollar less!

I'm definitely happy to live in Quebec. With these kinds of numbers, why would I want to live anywhere else? Let's just hope that with the upcoming legalization, these numbers don't change too much. 


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