A bill outlining how Quebec will regulate marijuana after national legalization is expected to be tabled on Thursday, with details including how cannabis will be sold and delivered. 

Quebec’s pot legislation will let anyone over the age of 18 order marijuana online, says Radio-Canada, which got an early look at the cannabis bill. 

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Delivery for all online marijuana orders will be carried out by Canada Post, the only postal service that will allowed to make cannabis deliveries.

Getting your marijuana through Canada Post will require a proof-of-purchase and a valid ID showcasing you’re 18 or over.  

Storefronts for the sale of marijuana will also be set up across Quebec. Twenty stores are planned, for now, all which will be overseen (online and offline) by the Société des alcools. 

The stores will feature “cannabis” in the name, to make it all the more evident what they’re selling.  

A large investment into drug addiction prevention programs is also a part of the province’s marijuana framework. $25 million will be invested over the course of 5 years into a drug addiction prevention program. 

Federal legalization of marijuana is expected by July 2018. 

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