Back when the Couillard government was still in power, they tried to force large English multinational corporations to add french descriptors to their signs. But a Quebec court concluded that this could not be enforced because there was an issue with the way the law was being interpreted.

But now, the loopholes and the grey areas are gone and the new law is about to go into effect.

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According to CTV, every store that has an English name needs to add either a French-language descriptor, a slogan, or some kind of explanation on their sign.

The description must be integrated into the existing sign, and if the sign lights up at night, the descriptor has to be lit up too.

The rule doesn't include businesses with proper names or names of places, I guess the government was too afraid to piss off Tim Hortons.

Although "Chez Tim Horton" has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

Businesses who do not follow the new rules can be fined up to 20,000.

The OQLF is still pissed off though because they were originally trying to force the businesses to literally translate their names to French, which means we could have seen ridiculous new businesses popping up in Montreal, such as:

  • "Prix-Co" for Costco,
  • "Meilleur Achat" for Best Buy
  • "Deuxieme Tasse" for Second Cup
  • and of course, "Taco Cloche"

Hell, we might have had to change our name to

Stores have until November 24, 2019 to make the changes and the government already said that they will not be offering any kind of financial assistance.

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