If everything goes according to plan on July 1st 2018, weed will be legalized in Canada. In the meantime, Quebec has to figure out exactly how this is all going to work. 

In the news so far, the focus was mainly on who will be able to sell it. The SAQ, Pharmaprix and even Couche-Tard have all thrown their hats in the ring and that hasn't exactly been figured out yet, but either way there's a more important question we need to answer. 

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How old will you have to be to buy weed in Quebec?

In Quebec, Alberta and Manitoba, you only have to be 18 to buy alcohol while the minimum age in the rest of the country is 19. So we're already a little more laid back the most of the country, and a lot more fun than the U.S. 

But when it comes to weed, will Quebec choose 18, 19 or 21?  

via @quebecweedzon

Phillipe Couillard has spoken and decided that 18 will be the minimum "legal smoking age" in Quebec.


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