The proposed Pink Line metro has been acknowledged in writing!.. and it's been acknowledged as a "priority" for the Montreal.

With support from the federal and provincial government confirmed last month, and this news coming out yesterday, it seems the Pink Line project is set to move forward.

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Mayor Valerie Plante spoke with Radio-Canada in January about the state of public transit in Montreal.

“We feel that everyone is on the same wavelength,” said Plante, referencing the federal and provincial government’s willingness to support public transit projects like the Pink Line metro. 

Justin Trudeau and Melanie Joy, the Minister of Canadian Heritage, gave Valerie Plante a chance to discuss the state of Montreal's public transit last month.

The Prime Minister didn't have much to add about the federal government's willingness to spend money on the public transit infrastructure - just noted that there's a collaboration going on between the two government levels.  

The Couillard administration came out in support of this project yesterday but made clear that the Blue Line extension is the first priority.

The Liberal party released their 4-year strategies this week, and the document lists the new metro line among a bunch of other priorities in the transportation sector.

After lots of speculation, and a lack of effort made to comment or update on this project from the Plante administration, Montrealer's have been quite frustrated with the Mayor and Project Montreal as it was a massive component to their election campaign.

André Fortin, Quebec’s Transport Minister insists his government is ready to commit to this project and calls on municipalities to make the decision.

“We’re certainly not going to get in the way of the pink line, we want to invest in public transit but we know that the cities are the best ones to come up with the best infrastructure needs.” Transport Minister André Fortin to Global News.

We want to invest in public transit, the federal government wants to invest so the timing is right for municipalities to bring their projects forward,” Fortin to Global News.

Valérie Plante welcomed the news of provincial support yesterday, saying it was“excellent news.”

"Its inclusion among government priorities shows that our partners take the Pink Line as seriously as much as we do. That’s clear,” - Valerie Plante to reporters at city hall.

We will continue to update this as new information is released.

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