Say goodbye to calling rides to the bar on your smartphone, because Uber, the oft-used ride-hailing app, is leaving Quebec. 

Yes, that's right, no more Uber in Quebec, and by extension (of course), no more Uber in Montreal. 

UPDATE: This Is The Exact Date Uber Is Leaving Quebec

The official announcement is to come at an 11am press conference, but CBC is reporting the company has already confirmed its departure. 

Uber is citing restrictions imposed upon the company and its services by the provincial government as the reason why it's leaving Quebec. 

Since last year, Uber has been forced to follow rules outlined in a pilot project where drivers need 35 hours of mandatory training and criminal background checks performed by police.

That doesn't sound all that bad, but apparently it's too much for Uber. 

Adding to the issue, no doubt, is the deep disdain the taxi drivers of Quebec have for Uber. For a while, riding in an Uber was a gamble. You didn't know if your Uber driver was going to get accosted by a taxi driver. 

Or, you know, throwing eggs and flour at the car

But it looks like all that protesting from taxi drivers worked out in the end, for them. Hopefully this means that the cabs in Montreal will finally make a tech-upgrade, because hailing a ride on your phone is par for the course nowadays. 

And while we're all sad the convenient rides of Uber will be lost to Quebec, the real question is: WHAT ABOUT UBER EATS!??

It's doubtful the food-delivery service will remain when the main branch of Uber departs, which is a crying shame.

Still, we'll hold out hope 'til we get confirmation that Uber Eats is also on its way out. Let us live in this lie, for now. 

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