Riding a BIXI is basically initiation into becoming a true Montrealer. You probably see the city rental bikes more often than privately-owned bikes these days. Bixi bikes are always there for us when we need to get somewhere quickly. Arguably more reliable than the STM, you can rent a Bixi and not have to worry about delays or forgetting your metro pass, or dealing with other people in a crammed subway car.

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It's plain and simple, Bixi bikes are a true gem in the city. But, there is always a bit of room for improvement. This year, Bixi did not fail to deliver.

Starting today, electric-assisted Bixi bikes can be found all across Montreal. You may want to be quick if you want to grab one though, since there's only 20 circulating around the city at any given time.

In case you're not too sure what an "electric-assisted" bike actually is, it's similar to a regular bike as you still have to pedal to get around, except on these bikes your pedalling is assisted by an electric motor. That means less work for you, at much faster speeds.

You'll seriously never be out of breath biking up a hill again! Just let the motor kick in and do that work for you. The bikes can reach speeds of 25 km/hr, and can go about 65 kilometres before the motor's battery dies, which is when the bikes are recharged and cycled through Bixi stands around Montreal.

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You can easily tell when there's an electric Bixi at a stand as the electric bikes are blue, unlike the silver, green, and purple that color regular Bixi bikes. The only downside is you MUST be 18 years or older to ride one of the electric-assisted bikes. Alternatively, if you have a moped or motorized scooter license that works too.

If you're interested in trying out one of these new bikes you'll want to do it soon. The electric bikes are a city pilot project, so you'll only be able to see them on bike racks in Montreal until November 15. 




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