The surveys have spoken.  A quick poll conducted by Le Journal De Montreal has revealed some unsettling truths about the increasingly tense climate between young Anglos and Francos relations in the city. 

And the news doesn't surprise us at all. 

Over half of the young anglos that responded affirm that they have thought about leaving Quebec. In addition, nearly half claim that they feel relations between the two language groups are tense. 

As a constant point of contention in Montreal living, the poll was rolled out after the heated "Bonjour, hi" debate from early Fall. The result in which Quebec's legislature passed a motion asking store clerks to stick with "Bonjour" only.  

That being said, not only do a significant slice of young anglos think about leaving the province but they also unanimously agree that laws of bill 101 should be softened.

You can check out more details from the poll results here. 

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