Almost exactly one year ago, Provocateur Communications, a Montreal-based communications firm, launched an online initiative to quell the ongoing language-related tension in Quebec and Montreal. The project, titled "Ici on commence avec amour" was in direct response to the Quebec government's ""Ici, on commerce en français" campaign. A very special Montreal celeb (among others) was the spokesperson for the project: the one and only Jay Baruchel.

One year later, language laws and the bilingual debate is still a prevalent issue in Montreal, and the province at-large. In hopes of putting some perspective on the issue, and to remind everyone we can all get along, no matter what language we happened to have learned at home, or what the provincial government may prefer, we're reposting the campaign.

Said best in the original initiative's original text : "Don't use our differences to divide us and win your battles. Preserving the French language will only come with better education, not repression and division."

The recent resurgence of linguistic tensions has prompted Provocateur to consider reviving the project. Show your support at Provocateur Communication's FB page and drop them a line at

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