Jim Carrey made a hilarious and passionate rant on the show Real Time With Bill Maher a little while back.

The subject of the rant: Carrey's home country – Canada. Specifically, Carrey wanted all Americans to know just how great Canada and our health care are.

It seems that the goal of Carrey's rant was to educate Americans on how fantastic our health care system really is and that it's most definitely not "broken."

Carrey was born in Southern Ontario, and during this rant goes on to talk about his positive experiences with the health care system, saying he's "never waited for anything in his life." And that his mother "never paid for a prescription."

Finally, commenting on the stereotype that Canadians are so "nice," he explained that "that's because they have a government that cares about them."

Of course, any comment – positive or negative – about our health care system will receive criticism and opposition. It's a touchy subject.

Sure – if you get sick in Canada you can walk into an emergency room with your provincial health card and receive "free" medical care. No one can argue that.

To an American who lacks private health insurance, becoming ill means potentially going into years of debt, or worse. It's so easy to see why Americans romanticise social medicine.

However, when you look at the levels of income tax we pay to the government, especially if you're above the $100,000/year bracket, you start to see that this health care system is not actually "free" when some Canadians pay more than half of their yearly income to the government.

Somother Canadian's chimed in with similar comments in the Youtube video's comment section.

But despite the obscene income tax, I believe most Canadians are grateful for the peace of mind we get knowing our government is here for us with these services and resources when we might need them.

Watch the interview below:


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