Every year, Montreal gets filled with holiday magic. The Christmas markets are popping up, the Mall Santas are on their way and the tree at Place Ville-Marie will soon be up.

But there's just one tiny issue with that tree. It's not a tree.

It used to be a real tree, but because of the layout of Place Ville-Marie, the wind would always knock it over so now it's made out of wires.

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But don't be sad, because Montreal will have it's very own giant tree worthy of Rockefeller Center. Actually, according Tourisme Montreal, it's going to be biggest Christmas tree in the country!

Sapin MTL teamed up with Just For Laughs, Canadian Tire and La Tribu to install the tree at the Place des Festivals.

So how big is this thing going to be? Well that depends on which tree they choose.

They don't simply want to cut down any tree, that would be cruel. The plan is to use a tree that needs to be removed for safety reason so that it could have a second life.

Their goal is to have a bigger tree than Rockefeller Center which will measure 94 feet this year. That means we need to find a 100 footer.

Sapin MTL needs your help to find that tree, so if you think you know where to find the biggest tree, let them know on their website.

The tree will be installed on November 30th and the illumination ceremony will take place December 1st.

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