Quebec just celebrated Fete Nationale across the province this past long weekend. 

In Montreal, we had 2 parades, a massive free concert and celebrations just about everywhere you looked. 

Justin Trudeau was on hand in Quebec, celebrating St. Jean Baptiste with his wife at an event in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, just east of Montreal. 

The Canadian PM was on hand doing meet and greets. Some people were very happy to see him, while others clearly were not. 

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A local Montreal man was caught on camera heckling Trudeau right here in his own riding in Montreal this past Friday. Once this one guy ripped into Trudeau, the rest of the crowd started to join in. 

Here is the Friday altercation from another angle that someone found on TV and posted to YouTube. 

Though Fete Nationale is a celebratory weekend for the province, it seems Trudeau had a bit of a rough go this weekend. Another vocally aggressive local wasted no time going off on Trudeau 2 days later, on Sunday.

Check it out, this woman was pretty salty, screaming "traitor" at Trudeau. 

Another video on CTV captured the altercation from a different angle, where you can clearly see Trudeau and hear him respond to the angry woman with a simple "Happy Fete Nationale." Hey, you can't please everyone! 

It seems Montrealers are being very vocal about their belief of Trudeau being a "traitor" to his Quebec roots. 

I guess Trudeau should just stick to Parliament Hill? Montreal doesn't seem to happy to see the PM around town. A few posts floating around social media has touched on Trudeau being more of a "nationalist than a Quebecer." 

Hopefully, if Trudeau walks in Montreal's Pride Parade this year he won't be bombarded by hateful protesters. 

Aside from these two vocal protesters, the Trudeau family had an otherwise pleasant weekend over Fete Nationale. 

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