Here's your daily dose of Justin Trudeau satire. 

Stephen Colbert - easily one of the funniest guys of all people-kind - has a great new cartoon on Showtime. 

Our Cartoon President is incredibly funny and full-on satire about the daily life of Donald Trump. 

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The depiction of U.S President Donald Trump on this program feels like Colbert has reached into all of our minds, and materialized all of our thoughts into a stellar cartoon comedy riot.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was featured on a recent episode and was depicted as the dream-boat political saviour that the U.S wishes Trump could be. They even go as far as to call him the next U.S president. 

Since it's International Women's Day tomorrow, here is Canada's own Justin Trudeau singing a song about gender equality, as a cartoon. 

Somehow I feel JT's latest run of costume changes and headlines lumps him in with the American political style - it's just ridiculous. 

Side note, I feel like the only Justin Trudeau I want to see from now on is the cartoon version. 

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