Justin Trudeau is everywhere, making year-round appearances all across Canada since taking office in 2015, and it’s costing taxpayers a fair bit of cash. 

From 2016-2017, the Prime Minister’s office racked up a bill of $8.3 million, covered by Canadian taxpayers. 

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That’s the highest cost for operating the PM’s office since 2011, reports CBC. 

Since Trudeau took over the position of Prime Minister from Stephen Harper, costs have been increasing. When compared to 2015-2016, the current rate of spending is a 20% increase. 

The $8.3 million dollar bill isn’t solely for Trudeau to enjoy and spend as he sees fit. Transportation costs, services, communications, and staff are included in the total costs of the Prime Minister’s office. 

All of the added spending has been for engaging with Canadians, a representative of the Trudeau government said in a statement. 

The rise in costs “account for more domestic travel and meetings with Canadians,” said a media relations manager for the Prime Minster’s Office, quoted by CBC. 

Critiques of the Liberal government, specifically the Conservative opposition, chalk the rising costs up to willy-nilly spending of the Liberal government. 

So while we all enjoy a visit from Trudeau, and the Prime Minister’s presence does create a sense of unity, we’re fitting a fairly hefty bill. Is it worth it? That’s for you to decide. 

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