For the first time in 20 years, The president of the United States has invited the Canadian Prime Minister over for dinner. The dinner is supposed to happen in March but no date has been set yet.

This is not surprising because no one in their right mind would want to invite Stephen Harper or Paul Martin to their house if they had the choice? Diplomacy is one thing, but having to make conversation with those guys for an entire dinner is brutal. Even Mexico got invited before us.

Obama showed his enthusiasm for the dinner by pointing out that it wasn't even his idea: "I'm sure Michelle's going to want to visit with Canada's new first lady". Which is like saying: "Hey dude, so my wife wants to me meet your wife."

Justin said he's looking forward to have a beer with the President, but hopefully not too many or he might try to impress Obama with his famous trick:

The last time a dinner like this happened it was Bill Clinton having Dinner with Jean Chretien in 1997. Trudeau's father attended two white house dinners, one with Jimmy Carter and one with Gerald Ford.


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