We might never know if the two Duchesses are really feuding or not, since the palace does a good job of keeping their personal business just that — personal. However, discrepancies aside, it's impossible not to compare the two women that have given ordinary girls all around the world the ability to dream about becoming a real life princess in 2018.

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TL;DR Kate Middleton's fashion seems to have noticeably changed as of late, and we're pretty damn conviced Meghan Markle is the one to thank. 

Whether you're team Middleton or Markle, we're here to talk fashion and we're super interested to hear what you guys think.

In a much-welcomed departure from her usual Palace-friendly attire, Kate Middleton was photographed in Cyprus yesterday sporting a familiar look. The new style seems strikingly similar... and it doesn't take much to realize the Duchess is rocking the classic Meghan Markle pantsuit we all know and love.

And we weren't the only ones to take notice...

Here is the outfit in question...

And here is a similar photo of Meghan wearing her classic solid tones under a smart jacket. Of course, we won't say she coined the look, but her structured and professional style is pretty well known. 

Much like her Suits character, Meghan always looks sharp and put together and she never misses the mark with her modern and feminine style. She layers beautifully and relies on solid colour-blocking to pull simple and elegant pieces together into effortless day-to-night looks.

By comparison, the looks that we're used to seeing from Kate Middleton usually feature patterns and cuts that are a little more... shall we say... Kensington.

Not that we don't love Kate and her punchy patterns, but we are totally stoked that Meghan has arrived to show the former Ms. Middleton that being a Duchess doesn't necessarily mean dressing like a dowdy Englishwoman.

Before Meghan came around, the Duchesses were also required to wear pantyhose or nylons at all times, but, luckily, it seems, the Queen has loosened the reigns a little and let that stipulation slide. 

A fan has even taken the time to compare some of their other outfits as of late and... there's no denying the similarities. While it might seem easy to dismiss these photos as just similar colours, what is striking is the lack of patterns and the beautiful dress/coat combo we know and love from Meghan. 

@hrhduchessofsussexembedded via  

There's no question that Meghan Markle has natural style that suits her beautifully and translates well to her new role as Duchess. I'm super stoked to see Kate embracing Meghan's approach to dressing for the role and letting herself be inspired by it. She's still a young woman by most people's standards and she should totally dress that way!

So what do you guys think? Am I totally reaching or are we convinced that Kate has decided to let Meghan's style rub off on her?


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