New Balance has collaborated with basketball icon, legendary Canadian and 2019 Finals MVP Kahwi Leonard to create a line of "off court style" sportswear.

The new drop includes t-shirts with tongue-in-cheek slogans associated with the player, like the iconic "board man gets paid" taunt.

These new products coincide with the Raptors' legendary victory. Last night, the Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors 114-110, concluding a legendary run for the Toronto team.

Items such as the Essentials Stacked Logo Po Hoodie and the NB Athletics Windbreaker Pullover are already available on the website.

The mostly monochrome line also features a slew of sneakers, jogging pants and t-shirts. New Balance is proving that it designs more than just sneakers your dad would wear.

Fans are eating up the collab between the Raptors MVP and the sportswear brand.

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The newest drop is the sleek t-shirt, available in a black base with white font or a white base with a black font. It features two iconic Kawhi slogans: "Board Man Gets Paid" and "Fun Guy."

"Board Man Gets Paid" is what Kawhi used to taunt his high school and university opponents with. It's a nod to his early days of playing basketball.

The t-shirts were available for pre-order starting to day, and eager fans caused the website to crash. They have already sold out.

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This new drop was announced just hours after the Raptors won their first NBA championship. This win is marks the first major Canadian Championship win in 26 years.

Shop the whole collection on the New Balance website here.

Kawhi just dropped new t-shirts to add to his New Balance collab. The t-shirts feature slogans like "Fun Guy" and "Board Man Gets Paid."


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