While many people like to complain about a lot of things here in Quebec, we actually have quite a few things going for us that the other provinces don't have. Unfortunately, one of those things — the Quebec child-care system — was the subject of a recent study and it had some not too stellar outcomes.

Conducted by a group of university researchers, the study showed that children who go through the provincial child-care system were more likely to have worse health, lower levels of satisfaction, and higher crime rates when compared their counterparts in other provinces. The higher crime rates were most significant in boys AND boys were more likely to have higher levels of hyperactivity and aggression. Girls were more likely to show less prosocial behaviour.

However, the study did also say that children who go through this program perform well academically, so at least there's that. The cause behind it, whether it has to do with staffing, funding, the curriculum, or something else all together, has yet to be determined. While its great that child-care is offered to Quebec parents at an affordable rate, if the system has something to do with this outcome, it's going to have to step up its game.


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