After a whole media debacle, the OQLF has decided to reconsider its harsh (and arguably unjustified) regulation of one Quebec business's English-dominant Facebook page. A few weeks of cool-down time has made the Quebec's French language office "soften" its previously staunch stance on social media.

Originally, the OQLF ordered Eva Cooper, the the owner of of a small boutique in Chelsea, Quebec, to translate her shop's entire Facebook page into French. An uproar of sorts came about when the news broke, many people questioning the right the OQLF has to monitor social media.

Fortunately, the OQLF talked it out with Cooper and an agreement has been made. Cooper told the CBC that she and the director of the French language office decided that more French will be included in her FB posts. An entire translation won't be necessary.

Cooper has also requested permission from the office to allow her to write posts bilingually. Hopefully this goes through too, and the OQLF will maintain a softer stance on the use of English on social media in the future.

Should all Quebec businesses have fully bilingual Facebook pages?

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