Laval police say that some people have been calling 911 to get voting information. I hope these folks know that voting is a democratic right! 

According to Global News, Laval police have received a couple of calls today regarding voting in the Canadian election. Though it's a huge area, Laval only has 4 ridings. With a population of over 400,000, some Laval residents might be at a loss as to where they need to go. 

If you're confused, keep in mind that all the information is on the voter card you've received in the mail. If you didn't get one of those, no worries! You can still verify where your polling station is on the Elections Canada website. 

According to 338Canada polling, much of the North Shore is leaning Bloc Québécois. The Block has a solid 4 point lead in the popular vote. In Laval, however, it's a different story with all 4 ridings projected to go Liberal. 

It's understandable that some people might be confused as to how and where to vote in the federal election today, but all the information is readily available on! If the website proves too complicated, we have two handy guides found on MTL Blog and on Narcity!

Seriously though, please don't call the police for voting information. They have enough to worry about without confused voters clogging up the emergency lines! 

Apparently, only a few calls have been made, but it was enough for Laval police to put out a Twitter blast. 


The closest race seems to be in the Marc-Aurèle-Fortin riding in Northern Laval. Liberal incumbent Yves Robillard has the narrowest margin over Bloc Québécois candidate Lizabel Nitoi. 

The Bloc has surged in popularity across the province these past few weeks due to leader Yves Francois-Blanchet's strong showings at both the French and English leadership debates and the party's appeal to a new francophone nationalism à la the CAQ.

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Elsewhere in Laval, the Liberals have a strong lead going into tonight's election. Pretty much everyone is predicting a Liberal sweep of the island. 

Translation: In visits to the 6th-grade classes of the Jean-Lemonde and Paul-VI schools, I seized the opportunity to explain to them my duties as the MP of Laval-les-Îles, our Canadian parliamentary system, as well as the difference of the political parties!

Before you call the cops, make sure you check out all the necessary information yourself!

Need more information about who to vote for? Check out what candidates and leaders have to say about their parties in MTL Blog's election interview series! 

Jagmeet Singh, New Democratic Party
Alexandre Boulerice, New Democratic Party
Steven Guilbeault, Liberal Party
Maxime Bernier, People's Party of Canada
David Tordjman, Conservative Party
Clement Badra, Green Party 

The Canadian Federal election is happening on Monday, October 21st, 2019. 

Voting for the first time? Want to know more about how our electoral system works? Check out our own guide on how to vote in Montreal

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