The government of Quebec is warning that a new case of measles was reported in Laval. So far, 82 cases of measles and no cases of rubella have been reported in Canada in 2019, according to Health Canada.

The person who has contracted measles visited several locations in Laval and Rosemère on August 2. The locations mentioned by the Ministry of Health and Social Services include the following:

  • CIBC,  299 boulevard Labelle, Rosemère,

  • RBC, 70 boulevard Labelle, Rosemère, and

  • Avril Supermarché Santé, boulevard Le Corbusier, Laval.

People who are at risk of complications from measles have until tomorrow, August 9, to get preventative treatment for the disease.

People most at risk include babies under one year old, people with a weakened immune system and pregnant women who are not adequately vaccinated against measles.

Those who are not considered at risk of complications but may still have been exposed to the virus are asked to monitor for measles symptoms.

According to the Ministry of Health and Social Services, measles symptoms include "a high fever, cough, runny nose, red eyes and general discomfort, followed by a rash on the face and then on the body."

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These symptoms may appear up until August 20. If you do present symptoms, call Info-Santé at 8-1-1.

The case in Laval is one of six active cases of measles in Canada right now, according to Health Canada. Furthermore, there are large measles outbreaks globally, which have affected many countries.

To prevent the spread of the disease, steps have already been taken to identify people who may have been exposed.

If you want to find out more about the active case of measles in Laval, and whether or not you were exposed to the virus, you can visit this website.


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